Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Going on tour rumor

Above photoshoot I was apart of

Everyone keeps stopping me on the street and in alleys. Most of these hoes say "I heard your going to tour with Tupac and Kurt Cobain" I always tell them its just a rumor, but I may be a guest on Ellen Degeneras soon. That lady is awesome and you'd never guess, but she's openly homosexual! A woman like her get nearly every member of every boy band since the Monkees or NewKidsOnTheBlock.

Thanks for reading. I'm getting about 40,000 hits on my blog a day, not to brag or anything, but if everyone of you gave me $1 for a song download, I'd have $40,000 a day, which would allow me to maybe pay a Kurt Cobain and Tupac look alike for a tour. But only if its one guy that does both.

So yeah, rumors do come true.

These pictures might push the ladies over the limit...

Just so you know, that does say "Douglas Jamison" its just in a nother language. BAM!

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